The Perfect Location for Dog Photography

The Perfect Location

For Dog Photography

Recently, one of our Art of Dog Photography Community members mentioned that our Dutch landscapes aren't exactly impressive. How photographers often struggle to find good shooting locations.

However, as portrait photographers we don't necessarily need those amazing landscapes we see online. The waterfalls, the lakes, those beautiful rocks and mountains.

Fairy Tale Spots

I suspect many (pet) portrait photographers struggling with shooting locations still have the idea of a magical, 'perfect spot' in the back of their minds.

My advice? Drop that belief right now. It's a fairy tale. That belief is what overwhelms you on location. I see it all the time in my students. The reality is, with a few minimum requirements in mind for a photo shoot location, you'll find dozens of decent spots in many mundane areas.

Start with Good Enough

Focus on those minimum requirements. Avoid or remove that which you don't want in the frame. You're not looking for that one magical, perfect spot. You're looking for one that's 'good enough'.

Our eyes aren't portrait lenses. We don't see the world through an 85mm at F/1.4.

Perhaps the next Google Glass iteration can come with a dept-of-field preview feature - If only, right?!

Just try a spot that checks your boxes. If it works, great! If not, move on and try a different one. And yes, with experience you'll recognize those more quickly. However, even then you won't know for certain until you try. Once you have that down, feel free to start being a bit more creative. Just don't overwhelm yourself.

Have a look at the images below and tell me how magical that behind-the-scenes shot looks.

My Point? It's up to you!

That magical, perfect spot doesn’t exist. Don't let that myth overwhelm you. You create the fairy tale with your gear, skills and experience. Plus, perhaps, a sprinkle of Lightroom and Photoshop magic.

Strive for good enough!
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